Nintendo recognizes that tablets and smartphones have changed the gaming industry.

Nintendo Tablets and Smartphones have changed Gaming

Satoru Iwata, the chief executive officer of Nintendo, said in a recent meeting with shareholders that the tablets and smartphones are changing the face of the gaming industry. “Smartphones and tablets have changed the environment in which we move, and we can not keep offering things that can not be too quickly ported to a smartphone, so we have to differentiate and offer something unique. ” “I think we can offer a unique treatment that can not be replicated in other devices, then we have a chance to survive “said the executive before tackling other issues such as 3DS or trade via the Internet. “For many consumers it remains important to go to a store and have the presence of their products, because there they can be informed and be with them, “he said. “For us it is still quite important to the traditional retailers as partners, and to see how we can work together with them to involve them in the distribution business and also with digital products.” “We have a large profit margin with 3DS XL , and try to sell with the intention of obtaining them, “Iwata concluded.


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