Nintendo Switch Tech Specifications Leaked Info and much more

This week valuable information of the Nintendo Switch info Leaked documents for developers that appear could be the technical specifications of the Nintendo Switch, as well as some features that Nintendo has not yet announced.

Apparently , the information that appeared on reddit is from when Switch was still known with the NX key name. In case of being legitimate, these are documents that Nintendo shared with the developers so they could prepare their development kit and how to build and run applications for the new console.

As we mentioned, the most interesting of the documents is that it shares what could be the technical specifications of the Switch. According to the rumor, Switch have an ARM Cortex-A57 4 – core processor with high-speed of 2 GHz. On the other hand, emphasizes that the console would based on Maxwell microarchitecture of a GPU NVIDIA 256 CUDA cores and 1 teraflop of Processing power.

Later, the documents point out that the console would have 4GB of RAM that it shares with the VRAM. That’s not all, as they also point out that the maximum size of each cartridge would be 32GB.

Nintendo Switch Features

Finally, let’s talk about the Switch features that appear in these documents. It is believed that in portable mode the console would have a lock option to prevent it from being turned on accidentally. On the other hand, the captures would be saved in 1280×720 resolution and you could add text.

It is not to be stressed that this information has not been confirmed by Nintendo, so you have to take it for what it is: a rumor. Also, keep in mind that, although true information, this is a development version of the Switch, so we can not rule out that Nintendo has made any changes.

If the Nintendo Switch leaked info turns out to be true, do you think it has enough power? Tell us in the comments.

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