Nintendo 3DS remains the best selling console in Japan


Nintendo 3Ds still is the best sold  console in all Japan


Media Create has revealed the list of console sales in Japan last week. In it we find that Nintendo 3DS is again the top seller with 44,222 units, followed by PlayStation Vita with 20,776 . Generally all consoles have sold less than last week, with the exception of Wii U, which has managed to put 1,000 units . 

Here is the full list for consoles sold:

• 3DS – 44.222 (50.712)
• Vita – 20.776 (31.271)
• PS3 – 11.683 (12.554)
• Wii U – 8.251 (7.060)
• PSP – 5.768 (6.492)
• Wii – 1.334 (1.338)
• Xbox 360 – 313 (330)
• Total – 92.347 (109.757)

Let me know what console you think will be sold the most this 2nd half of the year.

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