Nintendo 3DS Leader in Japan

nintendo 3ds

Nintendo 3DS Leader in Japan with their sales

Nintendo 3DS Leader in Japan

Media Create has released data on console sales in Japan for the week of 18 to 24 March with Nintendo 3DS head again. The Nintendo handheld console soon surpass the 11 million consoles accumulated. Vita PlayStation sales improvement, accompanied by a large group of new releases, but this improvement only lets defend his second position, ahead of PlayStation 3.

Meanwhile, Wii U also picks up and returns to exceed 10,000 consoles sold, not enough psychological barrier for weeks.

Nintendo 3DS: 76,553 (full year: 1.91.415; Total: 10,971,295) 

PlayStation Vita: 41,073 ( 304264, 1435089) 

PlayStation 3: 22,942 (284,845; 9,144,929) PSP: 12,690 (197,516; 19826527) 

Wii U: 11,398 (204,131, 831,418) 

Wii: 1,720 (24,407; 12,663,243) 

Xbox 360: 610 (8950, 1622784)

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