Nintendo 3DS gets the rest of the Moon Chronicles DLC episodes.

Jools Watsham, creator of Renegade Kid, developer of Moon Chronicles, announced on his Twitter account that the remaining episodes of the shooter were already approved by Nintendo and will go on sale through the eShop on 5 February this year.

In his official site, Nintendo updated the title information by adding the price of the new episodes and synopsis. The remaining three chapters of Season 1 of Moon Chronicles available for download together for $9.00 USD or separately, $4.50 USD each.

Moon Chronicles is an episodic sci-fi shooter in first person, which leads to the Mayor Kane to the moon in search of the lost of a research team members, and discover the secrets disturbing found in the research center of the lunar subsurface . On February 5 finally concludes the first season, meanwhile, announced on the site of the creator study that the second season will come this year.

Nintendo 3DS gets the rest of the Moon Chronicles DLC episodes

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