NHL 13 New Features

EA Sports NHL 13 is looking great before the release date. The latest trailer that was release shows different and new features that you as a gamer will be able to do and make the game more interesting to play.

One of the features is top speed, in which you are able to use your speed to beat your opponent to a race and have a better chance to score by getting ahead of your opponent.

nhl 13

The other new feature and I believe is the best so far is the ability to be able to skate backwards. By Skating backwards you are able to to do many new plays, like setting up your team mates, slowing it down by going backwards to get a better shot. These features opens up so many plays that you will be taking advantage of it.

Putting the top speed and backward skating makes you a better defender and offensive players as you have better weapons on both ends.

EA Sports released a video highlighting many of the new features that were added to NHL 13. Producer Ben Ross walks you through it.

One last feature has to do with the goalie which he¬†can read two-on-one’s and anticipate the pass from the opponent.

NHL 13 is out September 11, 2012. Are you getting this game if so what is your favorite team.

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