New Little King’s Story Walkthrough will take you through all the levels of the vita game.

New Little King's Story walkthrough

The New Little King’s Story walkthrough will guide you through all the levels of the classic Action Adventure RPG where you will play as king Corobo and experience his incredible journey to get back his kingdom.  During the game you will face different obstacles as you try to regain all that was lost to the Devil King. During the walkthrough you will be guided through all the seven different locations and go against evil dark lords that are in control and have the royal princess. Your task it to defeat them and get the princess. As New Little king’s Story makes it through the PS Vita for the firs time you will be able to strategize your army to face off different enemies and attacks against you to be able to survive and take back what is yours.

In the New Little King’s Story VITA Walkthrough you  will be able to lead massive armies and build your kingdom as you attack and destroy the enemy with skills to help you get through the new story in the New Little King’s.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
 Lets play New Little King's Story PS VITA Part 1 - Introduction And Escaping The Castle  Lets play New Little King's Story PS VITA Part 2 - Farmer House  Lets play New Little King's Story PS VITA Part 3 - Soldier's Hut  Lets play New Little King's Story PS VITA Part 4 - Cow Bones Submonster BOSS BATTLE
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