The NBA 2k13 wiki guide will give you all the tips and tricks to being a better at the game.

nba 2k13

The NBA 2k13 game has been improved from its core mechanics and also new features have been added to it. Here in the wiki you will get all the how tos and best strategy on how to defeat your opponent. With all the moves that you need to learn, we are bringing you some tips and hints on how to do the best moves and how to use the thumb stick better as is a new feature in the game that will have gamers happy to know that it feels like the old style arcade game. Follow along the complete guide below and if you have any, then please do share with us and will put it up here. Also will give you some cheats on how to defeat that dream team 92, as they are the challenge with all the super star that are in the entire team. Level up your character through the career mode and know the basics.

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