The Modern Warfare 3 Parish Gameplay will guide you through the entire walkthrough of the new map.

Modern Warfare 3

The Modern Warfare 3 Parish Walkthrough will guide you through the entire map of the game and give you the best tips an tricks to help you get around the map and find the best spots. When finding the best spots you will be able to take cover to be able to survive long in the Parish map and get better at it. Find the full video guide above that will help you become better and you can find more about it by watching the gameplays footage.

Parish is a much smaller map, set in a war torn area of New Orleans. Clearly designed to encourage as much close quarters fighting as which gets you going by experiencabsolute classic Call Of Duty. Which weapons are you suing Once again it’s shotguns not sniper rifles that thrive here, and although it’s small you will need to be in your game mode to be able to stand. Follow the entire playthrough of the game you see above to get all the tips an hints to be able to find the spots and best locations to all the different sections.

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