Microsoft recently confirmed that they will launch its Xbox One in 26 new markets during the month of September, among one of the countries is Japan. Following this announcement, and in particular the Japanese market, Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Game Studios, has advanced as part of the Game Developers Conference that there is an exclusive title for Xbox One to be announced as the console output approaches in Japan .

This statement is in line with was being said by Microsoft a few months back, but now they have ensured that the game is being developed by a major Japanese company, meaning we talk about a project of a certain size. already know that at E3 Microsoft will devoted its presentation to introduce new games for Xbox One, but Spencer added that the Tokyo Game Show, to be held in September, will also be of great platform.

This has ensured that during the Japanese show they will show something “that has never been seen before” in the sector. conclusion, the executive added that the U.S. company are very important exclusive, implying that they will remain committed to them over the coming months.

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