Microsoft has 3.9 million Xbox One Consoles

 xbox one

Microsoft Corp. submitted its report for the second quarter of fiscal 2014, which reported revenue of $24.52 billion USD. The company also broke the news that they have sold 3.9 million Xbox One.

The net income reported by the company in the period was $6.5 billion USD, with an equity growth of $.0.78 for profit. Industry revenues grew consumption Microsoft 13%, resulting in $ USD 11.91 billion, due to higher sales of Surface, One Xbox launch and growth of Bing. Meanwhile, revenues from the commercial sector also increased 10% due to strong performance of SQL, Office and Azure.

Among the most prominent issues for the company is selling 3.9 million Xbox One to retail chains in the third quarter. Similarly, 3.5 million Xbox 360 sold. In comparison, PS4 has sold 4.6 million units and 5.5 million Wii U.


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