Metro Last Light Review will provide you is the game succeeded or not in their attempt to continue the franchise.

Metro Last Light Review

Metro Last Light follows Metro 2033 from 3 years ago and now, 4A Games returns to the fray in order to return to offer an experience that maintains the quality of the first part and simultaneously solve all your mistakes. If you want to know whether it succeeded or not, then you will need to continue on reading.

The last hope of humanity

Unlike Metro 2033, Last Light does not follow the facts of any novel , but it is an entirely original, intended to serve as a bridge between the previous game and the novel Metro 2034. This could trigger alarms many, but we can say that you can rest assured Dmitry Glukhovsky, author of the books, has been in development and developing the script, and believe us, it is something that is noticed. Narrative quality enjoying this sequel is out of the question and its history and we will be caught before we know it. This is one of their strengths and really gets us feel on a post-apocalyptic world where the Earth’s surface has become uninhabitable and humanity trying to survive in the subway tunnels. The characters are well developed and if we pay attention we will learn many additional details that add more value to the whole. Yes, as happened in the first film, the story is responsible for setting the pace of the game, so if you expect a degree of trigger happy and frantic shoot where every minute can bring you a disappointment. By asking us wished that Artyom (who reprises the role of the protagonist) intervene in talks to avoid the constant feeling of listening monologues, but ultimately this is another way of trying to connect with us so that we feel the absolute protagonists. At least we know what you think in the loading screens and in our daily notes.

metro last light review

Turning now to what is its gameplay, the first thing we have to say is that Metro Last Light deceives much in its infancy. The first hour is too dull and heavy, and the only thing that will devote ourselves to move through multiple corridors following another character, seeing countless scripts, participating in shootings (very, very few) that our companion is able to solve it alone without we fire almost, and so on. All this in just five minutes screens that do not stop the beat cut off when it seems that the game starts to take off. In fact there are a couple of levels in this section devoted solely to show us a spectacular script with nothing more we can do before I go back out the loading screen.

Once this first hour, and after a fairly important plot twist, the game changes completely and finally lets us play more than just an interactive movie, when it starts to release its full potential to get hooked quickly and thus recover our interest. Levels are much longer (15 to 20 minutes), despite having a linear development gives us the freedom to handle situations the way we create more convenient, add several additional targets fully integrated into the fabric in a very natural and full immerse us in a variety of situations much appreciated it spares two moments equal and that the word “boredom” or “boredom” will cross our mind.

Metro Last Light Review

But one thing. Something that many shall rejoice to read, is that stealth phases have been removed, but this is still one of the main elements of the title. Therefore, in the vast majority of situations where you have human enemies, we can decide whether to go killing them one by one into the shadows without being seen, infiltrate directly without killing anyone to avoid suspicion or directly go Rambo and sewing to shot and anyone who puts us ahead. Secrecy is another option and in our hands will give the decision to use or notAlso, to make things easier, provided we are an indicator lights visible on our watch so we know what we are exposed. Yes, the scenarios are not too large and there is little alternative paths, so that the use of these tactics is somewhat limited. Regarding additional objectives mentioned earlier, we do not indicate at any time, nor will a message to let us know that they are. Simply form a part of the development of adventure allowing intervene or not in certain situations. In fact, we do not give any kind of reward for meeting them, but a “thank you” from the lips of a young woman who was about to rape or a family who were torturing ends up being greater reward and leave us much more satisfied than any weapon we could get, which speaks highly of the narrative and how the game plunges us into his universe. If we do not believe, just have to try not to intervene while you fall and hear the piercing screams of victims echoing through the tunnels so you can experience the sensations that title manages to convey. Unfortunately, this kind of situation does not occur very often . In fact they are quite rare, so it left us with the feeling that it could have used a little more.

We also have to commend their development. At every step we take, the game gets ask a new situation different from above. Chiefs final moments aboard a rail vehicle kind , claustrophobic tunnels where the flashlight will be our only ally, fighting against mutants on the surface while trying to find oxygen and avoid being broken gas mask, civil station visits to explore a bit, and so on. We could criticize the linear it is, but with the fun and dynamic development it makes us complicated, although with a bit more freedom probably would have won more integers as there are moments that lend themselves to it.

Metro Last Light Review 

As example of the later levels which develop on the surface. When we first show us a gigantic and very open scenarios that make us rub their hands thinking about what we can explore while oxygen last us (our reserves are shown on the clock that leads Artyom ), although at the time of the Indeed, these sections do not stop being a corridor bigger than normal because the roads are preset.Also, lest we lose it will indicate the path to follow by means of pins.

We also have to say that these are our favorite parts of the adventure, not only by anxiety that comes from being outstanding and our oxygen mask, which you have to clean when soiled with blood or other liquid , but for the variety of scenarios that will travel and the dangers we face. We assure you that the mutants will become the least of your worries in a storm or when you walk on brittle ice sheets. There are many different types of mutants and each one will force us to raise very different strategies to defeat them. For example, to kill a spider first you’ll have to scare her with the flashlight so it is blinded and falls on his back, which will expose its weak point, while on the other hand also find enemies to be devoted with shouts , others will use their arms as a shield to bounce our bullets (shotgun easily break that defense), others to be devoted to jump all over the walls to approach us without being able to target them quickly either, so. Fighting against humans are much more conventional and rather dull, which is mainly due to poor AI presented. Metro The Last Light was not able to produce a good AI to give you the challenge you needed. We would not know that if it is better or not than the first game as they are still stupid and predictable behavior while attacking without much sense, constantly exposing our shots as if they were sitting ducks. This is especially noticeable when trying to be stealthy, no matter where we are in front of their noses, if no visibility indicator lights will not see us. On the other hand, commenting that at certain times of the adventure we will find a series of shops to buy weapons (can take up to three) and ammunition, to which we can also buy various accessories such as a scope or improved stability. A small touch of personalization that is appreciated and we will change a weapon to another constantly, since the management of each is very different as you have equipped.

Metro Last Light Review

In total adventure has lasted seven hours and Original Mode on Normal, with hardly have had particular problems. In difficult things a bit more complicated, but not pose too many problems to any veteran of the genre. Here we have to make a small criticism of the decision to sell separately the Command Mode of the game, which is to be the authentic way difficult and which is intended to simulate a survival experience more realistic and intense. This reservation will be given away with the title, but who do not opt for it will have to unlock checkout, so we have not had occasion to try it.

 This time, 4A Games have learned their lesson and we found a copy optimization. Obviously if you want to enjoy full potential of graph you require a good PC, but now the rate of frames per second is very stable and smooth at all times, even more discreet equipment.

Metro Last Light Review

With some textures high quality, a good modeled characters and art direction overwhelming. Indeed, the latter has drawn more attention than all the fancy stuff that presents graphs (which have shaped the graphic effects of all types), since the atmosphere is simply superb, with some scenarios that know how upon us, especially outdoors, which despite showing a city post-apocalyptic ruins manage to convey a beauty rarely seen in a game of this type.  Metro Last Light is a good game and despite what the genre is saturated now, manages to offer something different, very funny, adult and quality. Their AI is still not up to it, is short, not much to look for when playing it again, and has a very slow start and much improved that the patient may be more than one.

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