Metro Last Light Faction Walkthrough will guide you through the entire DLC.

metro last light faction walkthrough

Metro last Light Faction Walkthrough will guide you through the first DLC of the franchise and take you through all the different levels of this new pack that comes with three single player campaign modes. Follow the complete walkthrough and get all the tips and tricks to help you mover through the different levels of the game and a good stratetegy that you pick up.

The cold radioactive Metro Last Light brings the first DLC of the shooter in first person based on the work of Dmitry Glukhovsky and the ill-fated sequel Metro 2033Deep Silver announces the arrival of Faction Pack , which will allow us to expand the game’s campaign from a quite different from the perspective of our role as Ranger of the Order Spartan , fighting for the safety and order of the subsoil of Moscow

While playing as the Red Sniper, the player is tasked with infiltrating a heavily guarded Reich outpost under the cover a nightime radioactive storm. On the other side of the fight is the Reich Heavy soldier, who is tasked with defending the outpost with devastating weaponary during the ensuing firefight. As the Ranger Trainee, the player is tasked with searching the library for rare and valuable artifacts. The Rangers mission appears to be a free-roam level with the ability to trade in artifacts for more gear to explore deeper into the library.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Metro Last Light DLC Missions Pt.1 "Heavy Squad" Metro Last Light DLC Missions Pt.2 "Sniper Team" Metro Last Light DLC Missions Pt.3 "Kshatriya - Backpack Full 1st Time"

Metro Last Light Faction Walkthrough and Wiki Guide

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