Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes XOF unit patches Locations can be found in the game.

Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes XOF unit patches Locations can be found in this one chapter of the game. You will be able to find 9 of the XOF Unit patches by following the below and our video guide will also take you through all, one step at a time.

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Insignia 1

One of the badges was hooked in our uniform as we climbed the cliff. Get down, aim the gun and shooting yourselves on yourselves about 10 seconds. You will see that the first patch will fall off. Easy, right? 

Insignia 2

Just get up, over the cliff. If you move to your right, you apensa steps and you place them at the seaside, you are going to find the second badge. For now, we have not even started the mission.

Insignia MGS V

Insignia 3

Once inside the concentration camp, encotramos few shops. Just to the left is a pile of rubble (some logs of wood) where a new logo is hidden. Here is no greater presence of enemy sentries.

Insignia 4

North of tents, Big Boss should pick a lock to access various fuse boxes white. The following logo is on the box to the left of the entrance.

Insignia 5

If we continue our way north we arrive at a heliport. Right in the center of the track there are several pools, and one precious XOF logo is hidden. It is less than half.

Insignia 6

Near the administration building, and also north of the above finding, we find a drainage tunnel. We’re already wet, so no problem there get inside and pick up a new flagship.

Insignia 7

Snake must enter the administration building with a red door, and climb to the roof. There is a vent (with a metal cover) and right next to it, the next patch XOF.

Insignia 8

We left the main building and the fence we passed under the bridge, road South. Just past the bridge to the left, there is a dirt road leading to a small booth. Well, the next badge is on the roof of the security booth.

Insignia prison MGS

Insignia 9

If you have completed the main mission to secure this area you sound. You have to direct you to the cell where Chico is retained, and pick the lock on a gate. The last logo is just a few steps ahead, on the floor.







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