Metal Gear Solid has changed a lot over the years.This is the installment of the series less derivative. Many basic aspects of the format has been changed. Ground Zeroes is designed to familiarize players with the tide of change: the character’s life regenerates alone (with the exception of an emergency spray should use if you get a lot of damage), no no radar, no boxes, no change items with the triggers, you can not knock on the wall to attract the guards, although there are lockers, and you can not get into them, and so on. On the whole, the title completely left behind, to some extent archaic control settings to adopt a modern (perhaps the solution to roll on the floor is my only complaint). The result is nearly flawless: we will have complete freedom of movement, camera and unprecedented agility to change weapons by now selected with directional cross. I must confess that even in Metal Gear Solid 4 , the control scheme of the franchise seemed like a limitation, but a good basis on which to develop a style of play. The new tone reminds me more of a arcade experience, seems to be designed to encourage players to exercise those 2 large lost in contemporary gaming values: memorization and speed run.

The primary mission, for example, took me exactly about one hour. I alerted the enemy 3 times, I did not die once, i rescued three prisoners. When you finish, your reward is to play it on Hard and get access to 4 more missions. As also found all patches XOF (If you need help finds the patches don’t forget to check out our location guide), extra sole mission is unlocked PlayStation versions of Déjà Vu–but we will talk about it later.

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Finish it on Hard, on the other hand, it took me half an hour. I did not alerted the enemy, and went all stealth, but the total actual time is closer to 3 hours, then tried to pass the mission without restarting (of accomplishment, rather than rank A, would surely have obtained S). From there on out, the side missions last between 13 and 20 minutes each, depending on how much want to explore its possibilities. For example, you should Classified Intel Acquisition recognize a infiltrated the base by its Photography (All enemies have a different face). After it you approach him, he will tell you do not have your piece of information you need, but will tell you where to get it, but if you do otherwise the results will be very interesting to receive an additional bonus. In fact, in most of the missions there is a similar event that gives extra points.

I recommend paying attention to the intricate field that Kojima Productions prepared, as many of his best surprises are on the patient and daring variations tested again and again. In a perfect world first successful attempts, Ground Zeroes would last four hours, however, the strategy of trial and error probably consumed at least 8 hours or more of my time. The funny thing is that the percentage of completeness states that 34% took the title. Get a higher figure depends, then, to finish the missions in Hard (unlocks the difficulty then passing them on normal), get bonus score when performing certain actions, achieve goals and make all enemies on the map, complete missions undetected or get the range S.

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I extracted all data directly from the title, as its own section dedicated to high scores. All these design cues reveal how they want developers play their creation, for example, are penalized by killing enemies in 5 of the 6 missions, your points also lower if the alarm sounds, you lose helicopters, if you use the reflex helps (when you discovered, if enabled, will all slow motion and have a few seconds to neutralize the enemy). Take control, put Ground Zeroes and waiting an action title, although its precise style controls The Last of Us and the like, is to completely ignore the developers guide. In a way should be found to restart the mission urge us to aspire for a higher score to finish. After that fight is not only inelegant act for a franchise like Metal Gear , but negatively affects our final evaluation.

As for level design, the base has a fine, complex and interesting shape, but even so you can nag, for all missions take place there. While some are of the day, with a different climate or’re hovering overhead in a helicopter while shooting everything that moves, sooner or later you will get tired of playing the same level. Not the fault of poor design, as this is gorgeous, but the nature of the game, which confines the player to the same place for at least 8 hours.

The missions have varied objectives and employ field creatively, but not all have the same care and quality. In terms of plot, are actually a tangle of events that were forced to relate to each other. The only one that has real relevance to the world of Metal Gear Solid is the principal. Its design is also the most brilliant. While their goals-they rescue Chico-Paz and are not the most original, the execution is what counts. In this section, both the level design and the control scheme is a perfect cufflink to provide dozens of options to complete the rescue. From sneaking into the back of a pickup truck, killing all slip unseen, find alternate routes, trigger alarms on purpose, cause explosions and such, Ground Zeroes shows that can be a big open world title, but for its size look more like a diorama.

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The technical aspect is impressive (in Déjà Vu mission even joke about the unfailing stability of Fox Engine). Although the mission set shows some imperfections day, night and dusk fit perfectly with the qualities of the engine developed by Kojima Productions graph. The expressions of the characters are compelling, the animation is supreme Snake (my favorite is when you land crouched and gets chest), lighting and detail is impeccable there is evident in every inch. Load times are almost nil, except for iDroid-apparatus employing the Snake for a map, listening to tapes and meet the objectives of the mission, which takes too when to upload images.

The narrative aims to present a more somber and sober and more crudely topic. The resources to do range from classics remove elements, but funny, franchise (like boxes, the exclamation point warning when enemies your presence, etc.), and a visceral plot and who is not afraid to be eschatological (as is tradition) or graphics. The issue of torture plays an important role, as well as betrayal and the complex political situations to which we are accustomed to the series. Ground Zeroes lacks the lush treatment of other creations Kojima and changes all that by a fantastic video introduction and an ending that makes it abundantly clear that the intention is to present and generate buzz for The Phantom Pain.

In addition to the primary mission, secondary mission of PlayStation consoles, Déjà Vu, is the most complete. Not only was it took me longer, but fans of the franchise will love it because of all the details that developers hid in the military base. In Japan I had the opportunity to try the mission consoles Microsoft, but it was too little time to give a fair verdict thereon.

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zero-4

As for the dynamics of the game, you will notice that the freedom of mobility they allow Snake bolder strategies. The level design also encourages risk to gain valuable seconds that will enhance our final score. Perhaps the first time you complete a mission you feel awkward, you run down and you end up killing (barely) half base, but as you look perfect your score you will become necessary, infallible and know perfectly the strategies that work and not. The design of Ground Zeroes requires repetition: it asks to play all the missions many times to master their execution. Something shines in this title and promises that The Phantom Pain will be great if it solves the main problem of Ground Zeroes : the environment and the reaper game limited approach to the plot. We are facing the best control scheme for the franchise. Perhaps the dynamic has changed dramatically, but something screams Metal Gear Solid hard. After spending almost 5 hours a title on 2 separate occasions, I can safely say that fans will be hungry for more.

Some years ago, Penny Arcade joked about how Konami was generous enough to include an extra game with the demo of Metal Gear Solid 2 . The title was Zone of the Enders and cost the same as “complete” any other game. A significant number of fans paid their money just to enjoy the demo of MGS2 . Many played it over and over ad nauseum. This time they will not buy something they do not care or pay the price for the full game. The rest of the players will probably decide to wait for the full experience will be The Phantom Pain or play and enjoy Ground Zeroes . I recommend the latter course of action, because good design should always be the main reason to buy a game or not.

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