Mass Effect the Movie is not dead, its even has new writer.

Mass Effect the Movie

Mass Effect the Movie do you recall that the first version of the script was provided by Mark Protosevich (who worked on Thor and I Am Legend ), but now will work Morgan Davis Foehl adapt the series. The producers thought of him because he is a big fan of Mass Effect and theoretically has written material similar to the plot of the franchise from EA .

And what has he worked  on Morgan Davis? In Rescue Me , Crosshair and Alien Sleeper Cell , among other things. Part of his previous work is more related to television, so the Mass Effect movie would be the biggest job of his career.

So far we haven’t had a blockbuster type video game movie and Mass Effect could be a major player at the box office but time will tell and seeing how its a new director we sure hope BioWare is in full control of the script writing. This could easily become a bad idea if not done right.

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