This guide will help you in Mass Effect Andromeda How to Upgrade Weapons and Gear

Surviving is crucial and here we will show you in Mass Effect Andromeda how to upgrade your weapons and armor as this is important to staying alive in the game and getting as far as you can. As you play Mass Effect Andromeda you will start the game with simple gear and weapons but as you continue to play you will be able to gain points that will help you towards your upgrades to your weapons and gear.

How to upgrade Mass Effect Andromeda Research and Development

Here are the complete steps to help you in achieving the best way and fastest way to level up your character gear and armor in the game.

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  • Enter the Tempest
  • Talk to Liam in the research room
  • Liam Explains Development and Research work
  • Scan technology such Milky way, helius and remnant and get research data
  • Scan anomalies in other planets to gain research points
  • Buy or unlock Blueprints to upgrade various equipments or upgrades in the game

As you unlock various blueprints you can then use the different resources in the game to craft for weapons or gear upgrades that will help your character get stronger.

Mass Effect Andromeda Development Stage:

  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Augmentations

After you complete this part and then talk to Liam again you will unlock the research and development terminals and will now be available for you at any moment that you want.



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