Malicious Walkthrough Strategy Guide (PS3)


The Malicious Walkthrough will guide you through all the levels of the game and provide you with the best strategy.

malicious walkthrough

The Malicious Walkthrough will guide you through the gameplay and give you the chance to unlocking the trophies in the game and give y0u some tips and hints to completing the game.

The Slayer will be able to defeat the Malicious, an evil force and you will take part of being the spirit vessel and you will be using the Mantle of Cinder a weapon that can change to different other weapons and at the same time you can use it to block attacks.

You will need to defeat the slayer and along with the five who refused to give back their power.  You start out with the abilities to turn your cloak into fists and use bullets, but as the story progresses, new skills are added like a spear, additional jump height, wings, etc.


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Malicious - Part 1
Malicious - Part 2
Malicious - Part 3
Malicious - Part 4
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Malicious - Part 5

Malicious - Part 6

Malicious - Part 7

Malicious - Part 8
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Malicious - Part 9

Malicious - Part 10

Malicious - Part 11

Malicious - Part 12
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Malicious - Part 13

Malicious - Part 14 FINAL ENDING