Lego Marvel Super Heroes Stan Lee in Peril Locations will help you on how to rescue Stan from all the different levels in the game.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Stan Lee in Peril

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Stan Lee in Peril Locations Guide will provide you with the best strategy, tips, tricks to rescuing Stan from all his troubles. As Stan gets into trouble you will need to rescue him in all the 15 different story levels of Lego Marvel Super Heroes, 11 hub missions and all the Manhattan missions. As you rescue Stan Lee you will acquire a gold brick for each time.

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Stan Lee in Peril Locations:

  1. Level 1: Sand Central Station (Story) Destroy the kiosk which is on top of Stan Lee on the left top balcony in the terminal
  2. Level 2: Times Square Off (Free Play) Under a water tower destroy the silver objects, assemble pipe, after  if use telekinesis to turn  a wheel and burst the tank of water.
  3. Level 3: Exploratory Laboratory (Free Play) Using magnetic power open the container and follow by activating a claw switch


Stan Lee in Peril Manhattan Locations:

  1. China Town: You will use Mind control power to have the guard at Marvel HQ into opening the door for Stan Lee
  2. Central Park: Use your super sense abilities to lift chess pieces off Stan Lee
  3. Industrial: Defeat Hulk and get him back to human form


Stan Lee in Peril Hub Missions Locations:

  1. Tabloid Tidy Up (Free Play) Di up a dig spot
  2. A Shock Withdrawal (Free Play) Use Magnetic Power to open a metallic blue cage
  3. House Party Protocol (Story) Use a heat beam to destroy golden bars
  4. Nuff Said (Free Play) Using magnetic powers open back door with metallic blue
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