Lego Marvel Super Heroes all Red Bricks locations Guide will help you on how to unlock all the red bricks from the game.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes red bricks

Lego Marvel Super Heroes all Red Bricks locations guide will help you in finding all the Red bricks in the game. There are 11 Red bricks that need to be gather during each level of Lego Marvel Super Heroes game. In the Lego Marvel Super Heroes game in which you will need to search for their different locations in the game of all the Red Bricks that need to be found.  Each level has different types of collectibles but in this case we focus on all the Red bricks for each level. See the strategy guide below for each of the Red bricks that you need to collect in the game.

If you need additional help with the walkthrough or any collectible in the Lego Marvel Super Heroes, see links below:

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