One of the most important development studies of the present generation is TT Games. And is that while this company does not have among its ranks creators or international gurus or high cache has many successful franchises of all proportion, alone has been enough of them to become very famous: LEGO . And this series of titles has appeared in almost all current platforms and has been extended to millions of homes around the world. But in recent times, many players had detected certain "fatigue" in the franchise, demanding new life for it. And that's what they've implemented this new TT Games LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes , a title which is a step forward for the series final. Don't forget to check out our complete Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes for help.

The story of this adventure is once more in the dark and sinister Gotham City. It Joker has returned to do his thing but this time we have sought an ally, Lex Luthor . Both have come up with a weapon of great power, that feeds on kryptonite for operation. And thanks to the couple said weapon is capable of committing all the crimes that they come in wins, including an assault on Arkham Asylum that frees much of its inhabitants, including Two-Face, Riddler, Bane, Catwoman and other habitual criminals .

With this argument based on an adventure starts in the third person again based on the classic LEGO formula. That is, it will come together multiple ingredients such as the fighting continued puzzle solving, exploration and sense of humor. And above all this lies the component cooperative , a key part in all these productions of TT Games. Thanks to this the title again provide us with an incredibly varied and addictive gameplay, with a delight through each of the levels, and in company.

LEGO Batman 2 is a game that combines multiple elements such as exploration, fighting, puzzle solving and a sense of humor. As is common in this franchise, if we discover all the secrets that have the adventure (very numerous in this case) must be many times each of the phases (15 in this case) and with different characters. And every one of them has occasional special ability that is necessary to use specific points to activate switches, reach areas previously blocked, and so on. Few titles can be found in the market to submit a replay so high and brazen as the one with LEGO Batman 2.

Most novelty that has this new release is the impressive LEGO leeway offered by the player. This freedom is not obvious during the first three or four missions, but little by little, gradually opening up the title goes hand to offer us reach the entire city of Gotham , which consists of three islands of good size. As in traditional games like " sandbox "not all the city is" enabled "home and can go to access their various (and numerous) areas progressively.

To cross it we enjoy a wide range of vehicles , both vans that are parked on the streets of the city or the actors' own vehicles such as the Batmobile, Robin's motorcycle, truck of Two-Face, etc..). There are dozens of them … But there's more. You can also use their own skills and powers of the characters to perform this scan function, as the ultrasonic velocity of Flash or the ability to fly multiple superheroes. And last but not least, we also have the option to move underground.

This time we enjoyed a stunning freedom of action, which is one of the biggest news that offers this installment of LEGO.
What can we do in the city? For a number of secondary tasks . And a major one is the hunt for enemies. To do this you first need to locate them (for which we use different BatOrdenadores that are scattered around the city) and, having to face them and conquer them, they become part of our roster of selectable characters … provided we have enough money to do .

But there is more. Throughout the city are scattered puzzle pieces of gold waiting to be discovered (250 in total), mini-games rather curious in that it is possible to take sides and we are rewarded with red LEGO bricks, citizens at risk who need our help, small tasks secondary to our main characters … And I advised that if you want to discover all the secrets behind the title, you can go on throwing a few dozen hours into the adventure because there is much to do and explore.

title in technical issues have been resolved quite rightly. Once again the highlight at the discretion of everything related to your graphic plot is the recreation of all the characters that come together in the adventure. They certainly have a friendly and attractive modeling, being a kind of LEGO caricatures of each hero and villain belongs to the world of DC Comics. But the best are your animations , really fun, varied and very convincing, including all types of faces, gestures and an expressive example.

It is possible to control dozens of characters like Joker, Flash, Superman, Clayface, Man-Bat … Rendered interpretation of the famous city of Gotham has also been very careful. Three large islands comprise the magnificent scenery that we can go … once we have gained access to the full extent in full, of course. Its size is quite amazing to be a game of this nature and although it can not compete with the huge worlds in games enjoyed outstanding belonging to the genre of "sandbox games" undoubtedly an important step forward for the LEGO series.

Throughout its entire geography is possible to notice the most representative places of the city including the prison, its cathedral and surroundings, the Botanical Garden, the Batcave, the amusement park and many more. The degree of detail you have all these areas is stretched to the outstanding, with ample number of characters walking free at home through the streets, numerous street furniture, greenery and a few "variations LEGO" originality and grace they bring to business. Overall it is a title very carefully from a technical standpoint.

And what is the price to pay for this deployment? For a generation of objects rather abrupt at times. So much so, that it is possible to reach certain areas of the same and have to wait for a few moments to load the objects that should be there. Eventually you get used to, but at first annoying thing is a detail that should have been hidden better. Yet despite all these technical problems we pose no serious obstacle to the gameplay and fun offered by the adventure.

The cooperative mode is still one of the most attractive features adventure. And as for the sound, we are pleased that we warn you against the best game of this series in this field. And the reason we owe the excellent dubbing into our language that has been carried out by developers. Throughout the adventure we are witnessing a lot of video scenes that involve a lot of characters, from the famous Joker, Batman and Robin to reporters and other secondary characters. Well, they all speak perfect Castilian interpretations that have been performed by professional actors.

This great work of dubbing is well supported by a soundtrack according to what we expect from a Batman game with dark themes and disturbing well played, plus a large collection of sound effects made ​​correctly. And as icing, when we take control of Superman we enjoyed the magnificent original soundtrack. Little to object in this area.

The extension of the three islands that make up Gotham City is truly colossal. TT Games has heard the criticisms in the latest installment of the franchise star and has seen fit to introduce new incentives to LEGO Batman 2 . And thanks to this the title is one of the most enjoyable, varied, long and fun all under this label appeared in recent years. We hope that in future productions continue along this same path.

TT Games has managed to breathe new life into your prized LEGO saga, bringing to life an adventure really absorbing, deep and full of things to do and explore. As sandbox can not compete against the great masters of the genre, although that does not think it is the intent of this adventure. No doubt we are facing one of the best deliveries in the recent history of the LEGO franchise and, given the quality that has always shown it, is too big.

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