Knack all Crystal Relic Locations Guide


the Guide will help you find all the Crystal Relic locations in Knack.

Knack all Crystal Relic locations

The Knack all Crystal Relic Locations can be found in the different chapters of the game in which will provide you with how to get to them and acquire them. Follow our complete game guide that will help you find all these Crystal Relics in which allows Knack to accumulate the relics in which gives him more power to be able to use them against the enemy with the aid of his powers.

There are 20 relics that you will need to find through the gameplay and follow our complete Knack relic locations guide to help you find all of them and to help knack grow strong as you unlock all the upgraded knack characters. Take a look at our walkthrough to help you complete the entire game and the different types of items you need.

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