Below you can find Keys that will unlock many of the doors that you will need to go through. You will need to know more about keys  so take at look below on the many of the keys that are in the game.

Adessa Prison Key
Unlocks the door to Adessa’s prison, found with master jailer.

Amman’s Key (Spring)
Found in House of Ballads, the Hall of Accolades, healer’s room.Dolve Wayle Vault Key
Unlocks the vault in Dolve Wayle, received from mission Bell, Book and Candle.

Gorhart Prison Key
Unlocks the door to Lawbreaker’s Grotto, found with master jailer.

Gossamer End Key
Used to get access to Gossamer End in Canneroc, earned from Barten or Vernt upon completing the side mission ‘A Tangled Web’.

Ballads Ring
Earned upon completing Song of Sir Sagrell, opens the Ballads Library and related House of Ballads buildings.

Desk Key
A key used by Father Etair at St. Eadric’s Mission to lockup prismere dust.

Didenhil Prison Key
Unlocks the door to Murderer’s Hold, found with master jailer.

Nil Kerns’ Key
Inventory of the gnome locksmith in Tirin’s Sanctuary’s “Locksmith” shop. Opens door to Burren’s Cove.

Villa Key
Given to the player upon first entering Adessa, used to get access to Sandstone Villa.

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