The guide will help you find all the Killzone Shadow Fall Newspapers Locations in the game.

killzone Shadow Fall Newspapers
killzone Shadow Fall Newspapers

Killzone Shadow Fall Newspapers Locations can be found through out the 10 different chapters of the game and provide you with how to acquire them in the game.  Our game guide will give you an idea of how to best complete the game as you progress through the different missions of it and give you information about their different locations of the society on Helgan. If you get stuck in any of the levels and need additional help with completing the entire playthrough of each newspaper collectibe then follow along our complete game guide that will provide you with the best strategy in the game to collecting all them in different sections.  If you are really stuck then take a look at the video guide links below to help you get through the game.

TOC: WalkthroughAudiologs LocationsDossiers LocationsNewspapers LocationsComic Book Pages Locations

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