The new scenes from the Iron Man 3 trailer reveal the identity of Iron Patriot and the sequences show a more impressive: the thirteen plummeting airplane passengers …Do not miss it!

As I have been announcing Tony Stark will have to deal with his worst nightmares delivery and a villain whose ambition is immense ( Mandarin – Ben Kingsley ). When he realizes that he has destroyed his comfortable world Tony will have to embark on finding answers to his questions and even reinvent himself is it a simple Iron Man armor or is it just a tool at your disposal?

iron man 3 airplane

We have to wait to see how Stark gets off the hook but we do have new juicy details as who is under the armor of Iron Patriot and none other than Don Cheadle (recently seen in The Flight ).In the second installment of Iron Man, the character James Rhodes,

U.S. government military liaison with Tony Stark, plus great friend of his , and had led the War Machine armor.


In the comic Stark Rhodes replaced for a while because of his drinking problem. At the moment we do not know how to connect to the plot in the movie, but it seems to be a clear symbol of the U.S. military service.

And most important: Do not miss the sequence of the air rescue of the passengers of a plane, because no waste … but to see the end we will have to wait for the movie to our cinemas on April 26.

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