Before any other attribute, an open world title should cultivate their ability to be a good playground. One of the first tests of gold to overcome it fun is transported between missions. Grand Theft Auto uses vehicles, Minecraft has horses and chariots of mine and Batman: Arkham City can plan and hooked to buildings. The series inFamous employs elements of level design, parkour and classic push hands as tools for fun to move around the Empire City, New Marais or Seattle in the first, second and third degrees, respectively.

To inFamous Second Son , the stakes are high. Burden on their shoulders the responsibility of being the third game of an exclusive franchise, to differentiate the PlayStation 4 and become an indispensable that encourages people to buy the console. In my opinion, it is close to achieving that goal. Let’s see why.

The most notable addition is the ability of the protagonist, Native American Delsin Rowe, to absorb various powers. The result of this change are, first, fortunate consequences and, on the other disadvantages, such as lack of depth and differentiation in each of the new types of tricks you get.

Let’s start with the positives: the various branches added interesting dynamics play and avoid, in theory, the routine in which the ancestors used to fall Second Son . Unfortunately, the downside is, although they are different skills, which together are equivalent to not offer something new, so it does not manage to escape the monotony. Although there is an extensive skill tree, only 1 or 2 power abilities are truly unique, the others work the same or have an equivalent with slight variations. This would not be a serious problem if there is no clearly superior to others.

In my experience, neon is the best: allow faster scrolling through the city (although there is still part of the fun of doing it, then simply press a button to avoid obstacles) and lethal combat. In my case, 80% of Title I equipped this variation. Even when I got up (which I will not speak to not ruin the surprise), I went looking infinitely more useful, since around the city is simple, there are neon signs everywhere (as in previous titles, you must refresh your absorbing power sources) and Combat presents lower risk strategy.

infamous second son

This is a pity, because Sucker Punch put much effort in, for example, the effect of smoke particles when Delsin power slides. And not only speak in visual terms, also in audio design, as the developers searched each time you use the skill the sound is different, there are over 1000 variations … but unfortunately I could not experience many because once I got the neon found no reason to return to smoke. The ability to run indefinitely and climb buildings at will is just as useful to change it. Remember what I said at the beginning of the review for how the foundation of any open world game is your method of transportation?

There will, however, who prefer the style of close combat smoke or other powers will not talk. Second Son offers options and can not dismiss that. If you enjoyed the previous titles (it is not necessary to go into it), remember a rustic system of morality that affected more than any other aspect, the plot. Well, Sucker Punch had the bright idea to interleave with the combat system. The result is that someone with positive karma will play very different from each negative. I will put a basic example with neon: the same attack allows instantly freeze or spray an enemy. How do I choose which effect you get? To vaporize, pointing to his head and looks to subjugate legs. This is the clearest case, but you’ll encounter other mechanics that affect your play style. Of all the aspects of the title, I must say that this is my favorite. To pass smoothly followed this strategy used the long-range shots of neon to immobilize all possible adversaries approached me finish off the survivors and, if received much damage, ran back to a roof for energy recovery. It’s a shame that the enemies have few ways to attack and little variety in their classes. I faced lightweight agents, heavy, majors and a couple small champions. Even in expert mode, did not offer much challenge.

To this adds that the combat is practically useless and that the interaction of the powers with the environment is low (unless you are transported from one place to another). The result is a dynamic and repetitive unsatisfying combat, which feels more like a requirement that as pleasurable. Even if you decide to use smoke instead of neon, all fights revolve around the same thing: move quickly and shoot; occasionally use a stronger position to expose, attack and repeat refuge. When executing actions that add positive or negative karma, you will fill a special counter attack. Upon completion, you can execute a powerful movement that affects all enemies on screen and you have to depend on the equipped. The way to switch between them is simple: absorb a suitable source. If, for example, I have fitted smoke and neon, I just have to approach and absorb a sign, if you wish to return to what it was, a fireplace will be very useful to do so.

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The problem also affects the monotony of the missions. The scheme of travel, in contrast to previous releases (remember you had to restore the power of the city), is to find other conduits to usurp their powers, increase yours and prepare to face the antagonist of the game. This means that a good part of the adventure must go from one side to another to collect fragments of power, destroy artifacts to get new skills and look for other bioterrorism, as he calls the DUP, an organization that wants to deprive them of their liberty. The most varied I remember was some mission that was to mark houses that hid drugs while I was attacking a small army of drug dealers out of this, Second Son adheres to a strict routine.

Part of the charm of many sandbox is the ability of the player to restore the world order. Before we had to fix the electric power of the city to make it passable, now we will not have this limitation, but each area will have a percentage allocated according to the presence of the DUP. Releasing the city mean then repeat the same routine for each district: Destroy a special device that unlocks access to various side quests, meet these additional tasks (destroying cameras, troop concentrations, capture spies and agents one more thing not mention ) and reduce the percentage below the minimum required to activate a special mission which is to address a small wave of enemies. Think you must repeat the above for each segment of Seattle and you know what are basically all side quests in the game.

Plot only speak broadly: the protagonist is 24 years old and was designed with a cool attitude, personally, I find insufferable. Although as the title progresses my empathy for the protagonists improved, it is clear that Sucker Punch tried unsuccessfully to replicate a similar to Cole and Zeke between Delsin and Reggie Rowe brothers relationship. I was not surprised or game events they experienced heartbreaking revelations as in previous titles. I was moved a little, but I never got involved emotionally because of the nature of the problem. Perhaps those who are quick to laugh Delsin enjoy jokes, but do not expect an innovative or surprising script. It is obvious that the developers are looking to appeal to a wider audience, though perhaps sinned accessible, because even the decisions that help define karma are uninteresting.

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Furthermore, Sucker Punch managed to create a beautiful and detailed city, but not the most fascinating playground or fun games I’ve seen. Technically it is a breakthrough: no load times (even fast travel is faster) or items that appear from nowhere even once framerate drop, despite the frantic combat. Seattle was beautifully displayed with an appropriate scale, different times of day, exquisite lighting and distinct neighborhoods each other (although, by the nature of the city, not much notice). They put much effort into pedestrians, as these will react according to your karma (you love if you’re good and hate you in the opposite case). Once finished with various enemies and the body of one was left lying on the floor, immediately afterwards, a group of people formed to see it and take pictures with your phone. It also occurred to me shouted as he passed them. The credibility of the title is benefiting from these details, although the flat monotone scheme primary and secondary missions is responsible for converting the experience into something forgettable. Another way to explain it is to say that the technical execution is impeccable, but lack inspiration and variety to sustain it. The combat does not allow much interaction with the environment (remember when cars could throw opponents?) And there is virtually nothing to do but face the other DUP-repetitive work.

This is not to say there are not moments of glory: jump off a skyscraper and falling with a mighty blow in the middle of a group of enemies is epic and really makes you feel powerful, dominate the neon projectiles and incapacitate opponents quickly becomes a pleasant habit, and finally, there are certain skills that are not very useful but they are always so amazing you’ll want to use them.

That said, the presentation of Second Son is more sober. Forget the strange creatures of the above title, for here you’ll encounter human powers using concrete. Unfortunately, even in expert does not represent a challenge that requires us to use the potential of our skills or try the other advantages of different powers to neon.

The control scheme is very comfortable. Sucker Punch managed to use the touch pad control PlayStation 4 in a proper manner: to open the doors of suspected DUP and to “hold” while you destroy panels at several stations which are distributed on the map. The separation of powers also allows you to select a skill without going into the menus. If you want to have access to some, simply go to a neon marquee, a fireplace or wherever necessary to change power.

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Second Son suffers all the problems of the first generation of games for a new console. Sometimes particle effects and open world is more concerned with displaying their (stunning, of course) detailed that provide varied and fun experience. Its major flaws are the monotony of their missions and their combat system. Although the core is funny, seems more the seed of something great that never germinated and repeat as many times would soon lose the urge to be creative to use all the tools. Finish the story moves further exposed the ghost town we play, because there is more to do except remove the remaining enemies and meet for the umpteenth time, a mission to destroy a camera or catch a spy. When compared to its predecessors, refined notice that almost every aspect, but it also means that the main problems of the franchise survived the transition to the new generation. Also suffers from the problems of many other open world games (navigation, combat, exploration, missions, secondary activities, etc.) do many things, but none particularly well.

In the end, we settled for a plain good experience. We praise the fantastic technical advance achieved with Sucker Punch inFamous Second Son to recreate both Seattle with great detail and we hope that in the sequel, all that comes backed with a solid game system that allows us to interact with the city. For now, we are children from a dresser of sweet: our eyes we are overwhelmed with them, but we can not touch them.

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