inFAMOUS DUP Security Cameras Locations will guide you to finding all in the game.

Infamous Second Son Informant DUP Security Cameras Locations can be found through the game as you progress through it. As you move through the game you will be able to collect many of the DUP Security Cameras and in which they will help you to gather information and to unlock the trophies. Follow our video guide and text below of all the locations of the game. If you gather all of the DUP Security Cameras you will be able to unlock nothing to see here if you get half but if you get them all you unlock big brother. Take a look at our game guides for Infamous second son to get the best tips, tricks and best strategy to completing the game, unlocking all collectibles.

TOC: WalkthroughReviewBlast Shards Locations, Informant Audio Logs Locations, DUP Security Cameras Locations, How to Upgrade Your Powers Guide

inFamous Second Son has a total of 76 Security Cameras, which can be found in the following districts mentioned below:

Queen Anne – 6 Security Cameras

Seattle Centre – 5 Security Cameras

Paramount – 6 Security Cameras

Belltown – 6 Security Cameras

Pioneer Square – 5 Security Cameras

Georgetown – 5 Security Cameras

Market District – 5 Security Cameras

Lantern District – 3 Security Cameras

Rainer – 4 Security Cameras

Waterfront – 5 Security Cameras

Denny Park – 6 Security Cameras

Downtown – 5 Security Cameras

Uptown – 15 Security Cameras

inFAMOUS DUP Security Cameras Locations Guide

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