Independent studio Robotoki announced that its upcoming survival game called Human Element is developed with the graphics engine CryEngine of Crytek. When this title was originally announced, is said to come so episodic Ouya and other platforms. However, the CEO of the company, Robert Bowling revealed that the Android-based micro console is no longer considered hardware release for the game.

Thus, Human Element is only available for PC, Xbox and PS4 One, with secondary experience will also be released on mobile devices. Bowling says that the use of CryEngine be perfect for them as it offers, from the outset, many powerful features such as a shading system based on physical and infinite terrain system from segmented worlds to create a massive experience open world that has a high visual fidelity.

Human Element will take place in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by zombies where we restore the order of things and rebuild civilization from scratch. Will be available for PC in November 2015, while his departure for the other platforms has not yet been announced.

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