Hoodwink Walkthrough Strategy Guide (PC)

Hoodwink Walkthrough Strategy Guide (PC)

The Hoodwink Walkthrough will guide you through the complete game.

The Hoodwink video game is a very classic point and click adventure game. The Hoodwink walkthrough will guide you through the life of Michael Bezzle and his girlfriend as he trys to settle down with her. Now with everything was just going right his life took a wrong step and now he is in trouble with the government and now needs to rely an all his abilities to be able to outwit the government. Follow the complete Hoodwink walkthrough to get some tips, hints and to see the strategy that was done in the video guides below.


Part 1 Part 2
Hoodwink part 1 - Crispy Cat
Hoodwink part 2 - Run ya Bum!


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