Happy Wars Walkthrough will guide you through the different multiplayer styles of the game.

Happy Wars walkthrough

Happy Wars walkthrough will provide you with all the information about the different modes of this multiplayer action game. You will be battle-ling in a 30 player action game with 3 types of characters in which you will do battle in grasslands, dark world, ocean floor. You can cast magic spells and attack castles in the co-op mode where you can coordinate with others to take down bots  or you can also play the single player campaign mode. Some of the features of the game will have you play with a sword and shield, the other will have mage clears and the last character. Teammates can gather to launch tide-turning Team Skills, calling down. Follow the complete walkthrough to get some tips on how to best defeat the enemy and see how you can complete all the different challenges.

Happy Wars Walkthrough and Wiki Guide

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