Halo 4 Walkthrough will guide you through all the new missions of the game.

halo 4 walkthrough

Halo 4 walkthrough will guide you through all the new missions in the game as you play as Master Chief along with the help of Cortana. After 5 years since the last events from Halo 3 we see now Master Chief and Cortana in a new adventure and a new event in their life that has the humanity again at a brink. This time around we see our hero in the planet of requiem and we find a new nemesis the Prometheans an advance technolagical foe that will challenge master chief like to other enemy before.

In the Halo 4 walkthrough you get to see how each of the missions of the game will take you through the new adventure and how each level gets tougher, you will need the help of a good arsenal along with the help of Cortana who herself is not doing too well either. Follow along as you will be using old and new guns, vehicles and you will be fighting new and old enemies to make it out of that planet and protect humanity one more time. We will also help you with the different weapons that you will get to use and on the achievements that you need to unlock and all the collectibles that need to be gathered as well as separate guides for the spartan ops and war games. Follow the complete Halo 4 Walkthrough for all the tips and hints to help you make it through the entire campaign in legendary mode.

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Halo 4 Video Walkthrough

Part 1 – Dawn Part 2 – Requiem Part 3 – Requiem Part 4 – Requiem
Walkthrough Part 1 Dawn
Walkthrough Part 2 Requiem
Walkthrough Part 3 Requiem
Walkthrough Part 4 Requiem
Part 5 – Forerunner Part 6 – Forerunner Part 7 – Forenunner Part 8 – Infinity
Walkthrough Part 5 Forerunner
Walkthrough Part 6 Forerunner
Walkthrough Part 7 Forerunner
Walkthrough Part 8 Infinity
Part 9 – Infinity Part 10 – Infinity Part 11 – Reclaimer Part 12 – Reclaimer
 Halo 4 Walkthrough Part 9 Infinity
Halo 4 Walkthrough Part 10 Infinity
 Halo 4 Walkthrough Part 11 Reclaimer
Halo 4 Walkthrough Part 12 Reclaimer
Part 13 – Reclaimer Part 14 – Shutdown Part 15 – Shutdown Part 16 – Shutdown
 Halo 4 Walkthrough Part 13 Reclaimer
Halo 4 Walkthrough Part 14 Shutdown
Halo 4 Walkthrough Part 15 Shutdown
Halo 4 Walkthrough Part 16 Shutdown
Part 17 – Compossor Part 18 – Compossor Part 19 – Midnight Part 20 – Midnight THE END!
 Halo 4 Walkthrough Part 17 Compossor
Halo 4 Walkthrough Part 18 Compossor
 Halo 4 Walkthrough Part 19 Midnight
Halo 4 Walkthrough Part 20 Midnight Ending
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