This is the guide for H1Z1 Keyboard controls and commands that you will need when playing the game where you take on zombies and look for anything to survive the world of H1Z1. See below commands and keys to help you advanced through the H1Z1 game and to stay alive longer.

Basic Command Controls

Command Key
Open Menu Escape
Toggle 1st/3rd Person T
Start Chat Text Return
Start Command Text Slash /?
Cycle Main Window Tab Control + Tab
Toggle Fullscreen Alt + Return
Screenshot Print Screen
Toggle Mouse Control M
Voice Volume Up Numpad Add
Voice Volume Down Numpad Subtract
Voice Volume Mute Numpad Enter
Proximity Voice Chat Numpad 4, Middle Mouse
Toggle UI Control + F10
Capture Image Control + F12
Marketplace U
Inventory Tab, I
Hud Resources F

Player Control

H1Z1 Keyboard Controls – Player
Command Key
Move Forward W, UP
Move Backward S, Down
Strafe Left A, Left
Strafe Right D, Right
Jump Spacebar
Crouch C
Prone Z
Sprint Left Shift, Right Shift
Interact E
Reload R
Slot 1 1
Slot 2 2
Slot 3 3
Slot 4 4
Fire Left Mouse
Secondary Fire Right Mouse
Change Camera Mouse Button 4
Go 3rd Person T
Weapon Attachment
Switch Fire Mode B
Next Weapon Mouse Scroll UP
Previous Weapon Mouse Scroll Down
Auto Run Equals =+
Pushback Q
Freelook Left Alt

Vehicle Control

H1Z1 Keyboard Controls – Vehicle
Command Key
Move Forward W
Move Backward S
Turn Left A
Turn Right D
Handbrake Spacebar
Look Left Left
Look Right Right
Look Up Up
Look Down Down
Exit Vehicle E
Lock Toggle L
Boost Left Shift, Right Shift
Seat 1 Control + 1
Seat 2 Control + 2
Seat 3 Control + 3
Seat 4 Control + 4


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