Gungnir Walkthrough Strategy Guide (PSP)


The Gungnir Walkthrough will guide you through the story of a boy onto a legend!

As the story of the boy takes you through the legend in the Gungnir walkthrough will take you through all the missions of the game and give you the best tips and hints to help you get through all the levels of the game.

gungnir walkthrough

As Gungnir gets on to the battle and the resistance is vastly outmatched and just one soldier falling after another with no purpose of advancing at all but Gungnir as Giulio grasps the lance in his bloddy hands and on to the filed. As Giulio and the war god turn the tides and defeat the enemy troops.

Follow the complete Gungnir walkthrough as it takes you through the fate of two lives Leonican and Dalta girl go through levels of tough opponents.

Part 1 – Noble Assault Part 2 – Noble Assault Part 3 – Espada Slumb Part 4 – Inscribed Mark
 Gungnir PSP  Part 1 - Scene-01: Noble Assault  Gungnir PSP Part 2 - Scene-01: Noble Assault - Carayan Raid Day 1 Night Gungnir PSP Part 3 - Scene-02: Espada Slums  Gungnir PSP Walkthrough - Part 4 - Scene-03: The Inscribed Mark
Part 5 – Inscribed Mark Part 6 – Inscribed Mark Part 7 – Inscribed Mark Part 8 – Inscribed Mark
Gungnir PSP Part 5 - Scene-03: The Inscribed Mark - In Defense of Espada
 Gungnir PSP Part 6 - Scene-03: The Inscribed Mark - Defeat Pierre  Gungnir PSP Part 7 - Scene-03: The Inscribed Mark - In Defense of Espada Gungnir PSP Part 8 - Scene-03: The Inscribed Mark - A Soldier's Peace
Part 9 – As long as my blood still runs Part 10 – Ambushing the Gate of Lament Part 11 – Gate  of Lament Part 12 – The Faith Smell of steel
Gungnir PSP Part 9 - Scene-04: As Long as My Blood Still Runs
Gungnir PSP Part 10 - Scene-04 - Ambushing the Gate of Lament
Gungnir PSP Part 11 - Scene-04 - Gate of Lament
Gungnir PSP Part 12 - Scene-05: The Faint Smell of Steel