Guild Wars 2 Dodging Guide


Follow the Guild Wars 2 guide to advance in the game

guild wars 2

This consist of learning how to dodge to avoid casualties and increase your stamina. We’ve mentioned dodging already, so let’s talk about what this command actually does. Dodging is a sudden roll in any direction. You can use the

dodge key and a movement key together to determine the direction, or simply double-tap where you want to dodge.  This is fast evasion requires
endurance (there’s a bar for that above your health, at the bottom of the screen). Dodging is is powerful. Avoiding major attacks isn’t the only
thing it does. You can dodge through groups of enemies while fl eeingto give yourself time to escape. Some characters learn attack abilities that trigger
when they dodge, so it can be an off ensive option as well. Endurance regenerates automatically, so you don’t lose anything by dodging. It won’t tax your attack skills at all so you can keep raising.