n a press release issued on the morning of April 2, 2014, Rockstar reported improvements received for GTA Online during the spring, most notably the inclusion of CO-OP heists as well as the option to create tasks (jobs ) customized capture.

Other adjustments include payments juiciest career missions, parachuting, and LTS deathmatches with teams met less than 4 players. There will also be bonus reputation feedback to jobs, anti-trap system optimization and the alternative of having 2 properties as well as a general update for the real estate front, called High Life Update , which includes new wardrobe, vehicles and weapons.

Cooperative heists was one of the options most requested by fans, and although the exact date is unknown when they will arrive, it’s good to know they are ready. But what most people expect, definitely, are the DLC story, and as always, Rockstar said it will come this year, but without elaborating.

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