Grand Theft Auto 5 Shop Robberies Locations Guide

Grand Theft Auto 5 roberri

Here are all the Grand Theft Auto 5 Shop Robberies locations guide in which they include 24/7 supermarket, gasoline station, liquors and more.

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Shop 1: 24/7 Supermarket Location – Senora Freeway, Mount Chiliad

Amount to rob: $950

Escape Tips: Shoot the second register as the clerk throws the money bag from the other register. Exit through the front door. circle around the building, and run/jump up the hill to hide from the cops on the other side of the hill towards the ocean. The cops are slow to arrive, so this won’t be too difficult.

Shop 2: Limited LTD Gasoline – Located in Grapeseed Main Street

Amount to rob: $500
Escape Tips: Head for the back of the building and find a creek. Run into the creek and follow it south until you reach a small bridge. This is probably far enough that the cops won’t find you. ln these rural areas, going off-road is your best bet for escape.

Shop 3: 24/7 Supermarket located Niland Avenue, Sandy shores

Amount to rob: $200

Escape Tips: Run out of the store headed for Trevor’s neighborhood. The cops are slow here, so you have time to jack a vehicle if needed. Go off-road for a clean escape.

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