Grand Theft Auto 5 letter scraps will help you get all the different clues in the game.

Grand Theft Auto 5 letter scraps

Grand Theft Auto 5 Letter Scraps will guide you on collecting all of the 50 different clues that are located through out the entire San Andreas. Once you collect all the Letter Scraps that will then give you all the clues to find a killer and go after him. Any of the different characters can collect the letters in the game and in any order.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Letter Scraps Locations

1. Port of South Los Santos, terminal off Buccaneer Way
2. Los Santos lnternational Airport, underground entrance
3. Poft of South Los Santos, Elysian lsland
4. Los Santos lnternational Airport, bar rooftop
5. East Los Santos, Cypress Flats
6. Murrieta Oil Fields, El Burro Heights
7. South Los Santos, Davis, Grove Street
8. South Los Santos, Davis, Mega Mall
9. Vespucci Beach
10. Palomino Highlands, island off the coast
11. Vespucci, canal tunnel
12. Del Perro Pier, restaurant balcony
13. East Los Santos, La Mesa, Vespucci Boulevard
14. Downtown, crane at Vespucci Boulevard & Power Street
15. Back Lot City movie studio
16. Vinewood, AIta, Occupation Avenue & Power Street
17. East Vinewood flood control dam
18. Pacific Bluffs graveyard
19. Vinewood, Hawick, Power Street & Hawick Avenue
20. Pacific Bluffs, bar at hotel pools
21. Vinewood, Eastbourne & Spanish Avenue
22. Vinewood Racetrack bleachers
23. Pacific Bluffs, Kortz Center
24. Vinewood Hills, Lake Vinewood estate
25. Vinewood Hills, On Vinewood sign

26. Tongva Valley, Highway 11
27. Vinewood Hills, mountain trail vista overlook
28. Palmer-Taylor Power Station, secluded island
29. Great Chaparral, north of Galileo Road
30. San Chianski Mountains, lagoon cave
31. Great Chaparral, Bail Bond farm
32. Harmony, Redwood Lights Track
33. Lago Zancudo, south of Fort Zancudo
34. Lago Zancudo, Route 69 bridge
35. Great Chaparral graveyard
36. Harmony, nearJoshua Road
37. Grand Senora Desert, near airstrip
38. SandyShores, abandoned motel
39. North Chumash, Raton Canyon, overlooking Cassidy Creek
40. Mount Chiliad, Alamo Sea, Millar’s Fishery
41. Mount Chiliad, north shore of Alamo Sea
42. Mount Chiliad State Wilderness, Altruist Cult camp
43. Grapeseed, Main Street
44. Mount Gordo, El Gordo Lighthouse
45. Paleto Forest, Lumber Yard
46. Mount Chiliad, cable car near peak
47. Paleto Bay, beach house near Procopio Drive
48. Mount Chiliad hobo camp
49. Procopio Beach rest stop
50. Paleto Bay, derelict house

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