Grand Theft Auto 5 Hidden Briefcase Packages Locations can be found in the plane crash and shipwreck.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Hidden Briefcase Packages Locations
Grand Theft Auto 5 Hidden Briefcase Packages Locations

Grand Theft Auto 5 hidden Briefcase Packages can be found in the Shipwreck and plane crash and there are 12 briefcases to be found of random big amounts of money that are scattered on the sea floor around San Andreas. They are mostly found near interesting underwater shipwrecks and unfortunate aerial accidents. While diving for these treasures, check out the many weapons and health and Armor that you are able to pick up pickups around the ship-wreckage.  Finding the briefcases will make you rich and allow you to buy items that are more expensive and grow your capital.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 Hidden Briefcase Packages Locations Guide

1. Plane Crash package is next to the broken tail end of the plane crash
2. Crop Duster package is under the wrecked duster
3. Lost Cargo Package is in the back of the sunken truck trailer
You can find here grenade and a shotgun
4. Aged Cargo Plane Package is on the floor of the sunken cargo plane
weapon found: Armor Pickup
5. Sunken Tugboat Package is located on the boat’s top deck near the wheelhouse
weapon found: SMMG, Assault Rifle, Sniper rifle, shotgun, armor and two sticky bombs
6. Remains Pakcage is on top of the sunken remains
weapon found: Note but you find a Health kid
7. Container Shipwreck Package is located at the top of the wrecakge near a large hole.
weapons found: Grenades, sticky bombs, assault rifles, SMG
8. Paddle Steamer Package, the briefcase is under the east wheel of the paddle steamer.
Weapons found: Grenades, rifles, health kit armor, sniper fiffle, rocket launcher
9. Sunken Barge Package, the briefcase is located in the shallow canal in banning on top of a large sunken barge.
Weapons found: None
10. Plane Crash 2 Package, the briefcase is under the right tail wing of the plane crashed.
weapons found: SMG, Grenade Launcher, assault rifle, grenades.
11. Shipwreck Package, briefcase is by the seaweed inside the old shipwreck.
Weapons found: Armor and rocket launcher
12. Shipwreck package, the briefcase is located on the porch of the first house

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