Grand Theft Auto 5 Aerial Challenges and Knife Flights guide will help you complete them all.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Aerial Challenges
Grand Theft Auto 5 Aerial Challenges

Grand Theft Auto 5 Aerial Challenges and Knife Flights guide will provide you with how to complete all the different sections of the flights that you need to complete. See the guide below for all the tips and tricks on how to best complete all the Aerial challenges and knife flights in the game.

There are two goals of Aerial Challenges that contribute to 100% completion of the game. The categories are Under the Bridge and Knife Flight. You need to complete 53 Under the Bridge challenges, only 25 of these must be completed to go toward the 100% goal. And only 8 of the 15 Knife Flights need to be completed.
A knife is when you roll the plane on its side so the wings are vertical with the horizon. To maintain altitude while in a knife position, activate the opposite rudder to keep the plane from losing altitude. lf you rolled to the left and are trying to maintain a left knife, apply the right rudder.
Perform these Knife Flight challenges while in a slow plane such as the stunt plane or a biplane like a crop duster, which can be stolen by watching Trevor’s McKenzie Field air strip. Jets require more room for small direction changes and are not suited for some of these more difficult Knife Flight challenges.

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