The second generation of Google TV will allow serial access to OnLive.

Google TV Second Gen Features Onlive Access
Google TV Onlive

Finally google enters the gaming industry as Google TV will come with Onlive Acces. The company specializes in offering streaming video games. OnLive , announced an agreement with the manufacturer Marvell. Allowing ARMADA 1500 chip devices to access the OnLive service. This means that the second generation of Google TV will have this support. Although the agreement is not itself directly with Google, it does mean that their devices will be able to offer streaming games via OnLive.

The focus of OnLive is to make the highest quality games available for everyone, anywhere and anytime they want, they explain. With the agreement with Marvell will offer the highest quality on-demand games and experiences as Google TV breakthrough.

What do you think will google finally make a splash in the gaming world or will this be another burnout project? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment down below.


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