God of War Ascension Artifacts Locations can be found through the game.

God of War Ascension Artifacts Locations


God of War Ascension Artifacts Locations guide will help you find all through the game. Once you gather all the Artifacts you will be able to unlock the “No Drake. you can’t have these” trophy.  There are 10 artifacts in God of War Ascension that you will need to locate. Once you unlock the different artifacts which are listed below you can acquire different aspects such as magic and many more:

  1. Prisoner’s Oath Stone
  2. Circe’s Vial
  3. Oracle Seeker’s Offering
  4. Aletheia’s Charm
  5. Boat Captain’s Idol
  6. Orko’s Cloak
  7. Stonemason’s Chisel
  8. Archimedes’ Treatise
  9. Statue Worker’s Idol
  10. Antikythera Mechanism 

Follow the complete God of War ascension artifacts location guide video below to find all the 10 different artifacts in the game and level up Kratos. Learn how to effectively gather all the different artifacts in the game and get closer to completing the game 100%

TOC: Walkthrough, Review, Artifacts Locations

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