If you’ve played Friday the 13th: The Game you surely know that Jason Voorhees is not the only being that threatens to end your life, since your teammates can often be just as deadly. For this to stop being a problem, Gun Media will release an update that will disable the damage between members.

“About what we have heard most from our community are the problems related to teammate killings, which has been abused by players on various platforms,” ​​Gun Media said in a reddit article. “While the mechanics are designed to promote life-or-death experiences in every game you play, the reality is that it has become a Battle Royale scenario, so that came to a point where our team believes that a change”.

So, once the next update for Friday the 13th: The Game debuts, public games will no longer allow campers to use weapons to kill other members of their team. It is important to keep in mind that you will still die if you get in the way of a vehicle driven by another player, since they seek to avoid a situation where it is enough for a player to stand in front of a car to prevent it from moving.

“Our team believes that the ability to harm other campers is something that the game should have, because it adds tension to the times when players must make difficult decisions; However, we do not think it should be a mechanic that, when abused by players, reaches a point where the vast majority of our communication with fans are complaints of this type of behavior, “Gun Media said.

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