In This guide we will show you in Friday the 13th: The Game Ways to Kill Jason

In this guide we will show you in Friday 13th the game how to kill Jason. Before starting with a bat and a hammer over his head, you have to be aware that there are certain requirements that you must meet if you want to kill Jason:

  • The female victim has to recover and get the jersey of Jason’s mother.
  • One victim must have died or escaped.
  • Jason attacks until you drop the mask.
  • Tommy Jarvis calls, make sure the mask is in your inventory and equip the machete.
  • Activates the jersey when nearing Jason.
  • Jason knocks out a gun when approaching.
  • Tommy Javis, Jason will approach and will initiate a cutscene with an alternative end.

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There are many ways to survive Jason: one of them, although we do not recommend because of its complexity it is to kill Jason. Jason is not an easy character to kill, so you have to act as a team if you want to get to get to the final scene. In fact, it is more than likely that several of the characters muerran in the process of trying to kill Jason, so be prepared to take the lead.

Before attempting to kill Jason’ll need a few things. The first thing to do is go to the hut where the remains of Jason’s mother. Changes cottage game after game and not marked on the map (unless you play as Jason). Normally it is not attached to the edges of the map, but again, the location may vary. Once inside, go to the dead body of Jason’s mother and get the sweater.

Get the Jason’s Mother Sweater

One of the female victims have to equip the sweater. You need at least one of the victims die or escape so you can call Tommy Jarvis. Note that if Tommy Jarvis is not in the game, you can not kill Jason. Once it appears, the best you can do is attack again and again until Jason falls off the mask, even if we are already warning that will cost several attempts and many broken weapons.

Remember that you can not attack if it is stun Jason on the floor. We recommend that you start attacking with Tommy Jarvis using the stun gun to Jason. You may also find a second shotgun along the map, but each weapon has only one shot. Either way shotgun is the weapon most damaging so it is the best way to cause massive damage.

Choose weapons with high rates of STUN

If you use normal weapons against Jason these will break in a few punches. Each weapon has a level that causes stun and damage and durability. If you go in a group, looking for weapons that inflict much damage so you can take down Jason quickly. These weapons are the shotgun, ax and machete.

Once you have Tommy Jarvis in the game, you’ve regained the jersey and Jason has lost his mask, let Tommy take the floor mask (if has equipped another player will have to hold to Tommy’s grip). Now the female victim with the jersey has to approach Jason and activate (and Xbox, PS4 and Q Triangle PC). Jason try to attack him and you have to seize the moment to attack him with a weapon high damage. When Jason is on the ground, Tommy Davis will speak with him and unlock the alternate ending.

Call the police

If you have touched you become a victim, you’ll love to know how you can survive Jason. Quiet, we bring in this guide Friday 13 so that nothing you escape. The easiest way to survive is to call the police. To do this you have to locate the cockpit that are usually broken and filled with smoke. In order to fix it you have to find the fuse cabinet phone.

The fuse is usually located around the houses and fences. once you have it, return to the cockpit and fix it. Normally the handset is inside the house where you found the box so go direct phone and call the police. Police take 5 minutes to appear. At that time you should go directly to the main street around the police and your salvation appear.

Fixing the car or boat

Fix the car or the boat takes a lot of work and really have to work together to pull it off. It would be nice to find the map, but you can find the car or the boat without a map. Once you have located touch you find parts to work: battery and car keys and gasoline and motor boat. You’ll have to find the map and on top you can not take any of these pieces and a weapon at the same time.

With all items ready, you need to repair the vehicle you have chosen. We recommend focusing on one, because you’ll be unprotected while wearing the pieces. To fix it you have to complete a small minigame consisting of pressing one or two buttons when they appear. But beware, because whenever you’re wrong, add time to counter what it costs you to repair and Jason discover what you try to do. Also, keep in mind that the boat can only save two people while in the car will save 1 to 4.

Get Tommy Jarvis

Once one player has died or has managed to escape, you can find a large CB radio and call Tommy Jarvis. One of the players will be randomly selected to reappear in the form of Tommy Jarvis. Jarvis has better stats compared to the other characters and also appears in the game with a shotgun. The shotgun has only one shot and Jarvis is not immortal so take care with him.

Tommy Jarvis will give you more time to get away from Jason, but if you are following our step guide on how to Friday 13 kill Jason, do not waste your shot trying to throw it down to gunshots. As we have said, just a shot and it costs a lot stun Jason if you do not do properly.

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