Fix the car or the boat takes a lot of work and really have to work together to pull it off. It would be nice to find the map, but you can find the car or the boat without a map. Once you have located touch you find parts to work: battery and car keys and gasoline and motor boat. You’ll have to find the map and on top you can not take any of these pieces and a weapon at the same time.

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With all items ready, you need to repair the vehicle you have chosen. We recommend focusing on one, because you’ll be unprotected while wearing the pieces. To fix it you have to complete a small minigame consisting of pressing one or two buttons when they appear. But beware, because whenever you’re wrong you will add time to counter what it costs you to repair and Jason discover what you try to do. Also, keep in mind that the boat can only save two people while in the car will save 1 to 4.


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