Commercial Shows FIFA 18 Running on Nintendo Switch

The YouTube account of Nintendo Japan launched a new commercials of the Nintendo Switch, and one of them gives us a glimpse of what could be FIFA 18.

For a few seconds, the ad features a version of FIFA that, obviously, should be the iteration for this year. However, the video does not officially reveal the game, it only uses it for advertising purposes.

Last week, Peter Moore, director of the EA Sports division, revealed that FIFA 18 will hit the Nintendo Switch in September. At that time, the manager explained that the football game for the new system of Nintendo “will be a customized version,” and said that the Vancouver team is taking care of this version.

Also, we can also see Dragon Quest Heroes for Nintendo Switch. As you know, the Square Enix series will debut on the new Nintendo console in a package that includes Dragon Quest Heroes and Dragon Quest Heroes II . Unfortunately, they have no release date yet.

Also in the video you see The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild running in the Nintendo Switch and it just makes you that exited about playing in the next adventure of link. Nintendo Switch, which will be available March 3 worldwide.

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