Far Cry 3 Skills are divided in to three types which each gives you a different ability.

far cry 3 skills

Far Cry 3 skills will guide you through all the three different skills that the game comes with, in which each gives you the ability to be able to survive in the island and give you the best abilities and change to be able to rescue your friends and get revenge for the death of your brother. Follow each of the three skills below that describes what you will be able to do. We will be bringing a complete guide on how to unlock each of the skills and what you will need to do. The Different skills that you will gather in Far Cry 3 will need to be unlocked by using any skill points that you gather during the game that will allow you to level ups your skills and become better hunter, warrior with better tactics and overall have a better chance to survive any enemies attacks and rescue your friends.

  • The Heron
  • Crafting
  • hunting

The Heron is divided into 3 different skills that you will need to unlock during the game and they will give you:

The Heron:

The Spider – Stealth and survivial
The Shark – Assault and healing
Tattoos –  Will let you know how skillful you are getting; the more skills you get to unlock the more tattoos you will have in your arm.


Far Cry 3 Skills Guide

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