Far Cry 3 Letters of the Lost locations will guide you to finding all the Dead Letters in the game.

far cry 3 letters of the lost

Far Cry 3 letters of the lost will guide you on finding all the Dead Letters in the game. The Letters of the lost are remnants of the Japanese occupation of the Rook Island during the WWII. The meaning behind these letter is that you will need to located them in any mission and these letters were never delivered. Once you gather all the Letters of the Lost you will be able to unlock the Dead Letters achievement and trophy in the game. If you are having trouble unlocking them then do take a look at our walkthrough and we will be bringing all the Letters of the Lost locations in video to help you visualize where the letters are

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Swinji’s Letter

Hayato’s First Letter

Mori’s Letter

Ren’s Letter

Hyogo’s Letter

Mogi’s First Letter

Sato’s Letter

Mogi’s Second Letter

Mogi’s Third Letter

Mogi’s Fourth Letter

Tadao’s First Letter

Tadao’s Second Letter

Hayato’s Second Letter

Hayato’s Third Letter

Hayato’s Fourth Letter

Masahiro’s Letter

Hurk’s First Letter

Hurk’s Second Letter

Hurk’s Third Letter

Hurk’s Fourth Letter

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