Fallout 4 Far Harbor Marine Combat Armor Location will guide you to finding all the parts.

In this guide will help you find the Fallout 4 Far Harbor Marine Combat Armor location that you can find it in this DLC.  The Marine Combat Armor has 3 different sealed shipments chests that you will need to find in the game to be able to unlocking the complete and full Marine Combat Armor set. See below on how to find the Marine Combat Armor Location:

TOC: Far Harbor Walkthrough | Marine Combat Armor Location |Action rifle Location | Atom’s Judgement LocationAdmiral’s Friend

Fallout 4 Far Harbor Marine Combat Armor Location

Marine Combat Armor Left and Right Leg Locations

The Fallout 4 Far harbor Marine Combat left leg and right leg are both located inside a chest which is located in the combat armor ship that is in the river. To get to the shipment where the marine combat left and right legs are located you will go to your pip and in the map section you will choose haddock cover which is in the island river or ocean. You will swim to the ship that is in the water and dive in the water and access the ship through a small door that is under water and on the side of the boat.

Marine Combat Armor Helmet, Chest and Wetsuit

The Fallout 4 Marine Combat helmet, chest and wetsuit you will go to the Rayburn Point that is located north of the left and right leg sealed shipments. Swim north and you will see a big container in the water which in side has a sealed shipment chest that has the Marine Armor Chest Piece, marine Armor Helmet, Marine tactical helmet and the Marine Wetsuit

Marine Combat Armor Left Arm and Right Arm

The Fallout 4 Marine Combat left and right arm location to finding the last parts of the Marine Combat Armor pieces of the shipments are located in your map that is east to the map and are in the Harbor Grand Hotel. Inside the Sealed Shipment you will find the Marine Armor Left Arm and the Marine Armor Right Arm. Once you acquire the last two parts of the marine combat armor you will have all the pieces to having yourself the full armor.

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