What to expect in Destiny Crota’s End Raid

As we near the release of The Dark Below here is what you can expect from Crota’s End Raid that Bungie has provided and from their experience of Vault of Glass they have made some changes that can be applied to Crota’s End Raid.
  • The new Raid, Crota’s End, will unlock on December 9th
  • Players at Light level 30 can lead a Fireteam immediately upon release
  • The reward system inCrota’s End will address some issues reported in the Vault of Glass:
    • Raid loot in Crota’s End will drop at a higher rate
    • New Raid gear will contain a wider variety of potential perks
    • Weapons and Gear from Crota’s End will not require Ascendant materials for upgrades
    • Radiant Shards and Radiant Energy acquired in the Raid will be used to upgrade new Raid gear
    • Unwanted weapons and gear from Crota’s End will dismantle into Radiant materials
    • Primary weapons will only drop in the harder version of Crota’s End, released sometime in January

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