Evolve Strategy Guide: 10 Tips How to hunt successfully

The following Evolve Guide will provide you with 10 tips on how to hunt successfully when you are either a hunter or monster as you progress through the online game.

TOC: Evolve Monsters Walkthrough | Evolve Hunters Walkthrough | Achievements | Trophies | Earn Gold Hunter | Medic Guide

10. Getting Away

If you are the monster, do not ever attack the Hunters at the first opportunity.The best strategy is to sneak the other players while you feed other creatures to evolve, become stronger. Evolves, level up.

9. Medic and Support

Already upgraded your monster level? Excellent. But we recommend that you remove first and Medical Support team before others. Not only your skills will no longer hinder but, when they rise, have less health than usual.

8. How to Use The Goliath

Of Monsters available, Goliath is the stronger. It is strong but walk very slowly. If you need to run, use your jump if not you should overcome any obstacle. With just propel you go over more distance in less time than if you take to run normally. The best tactic is to break from the group of hunters, wreak havoc with your brute force and, when humans are dispersed, use the leap to hunt a human who has been separated from the rest.

7. How to use the Kraken

Flying. Attacks humans from the air. And do not forget to use your skills that affect an entire area (and not a particular goal) for damage to most humans. Once the beam is dispersed as Goliath: fly to the weakest human and kill him. Prepare quick attacks since the Kraken is very weak. If the plan goes wrong or lengthens, run!

6. Best separated

You may think that within the human team, the best option is to go all close together by the Monster. Big mistake. The Medic, the trapper and Support classes are important but somewhat weaker than the Assault class. If you meet the three and the monster appears, you can kill them all in a flash, and then your computer and you have many, many problems. Walk separated while maintaining visual communication.

5. Heal First

The Medic is an important character for two reasons: it can heal team or “sedate” the Monster with tranquilizers . In case of total chaos, first cure your friends. It is most important. Then, if you’ve survived, you can try to slow the monster.

4. Marking Monsters

In Evolve you can use markers to indicate points of interest to your teammates. Use its attractions to mark the monster if you have seen him but you do not mark lesser creatures. Kill the latter and the Monster eating them is strengthened. If you kill, you have less chance of then bite a stronger monster.

3. Follow the Monster

Who should track the monster if he runs? Hunter Support. This can become Invisible for a limited time. Use your ability to follow the Monster without’m done with you.

2. Use various Traps

The trapper has many ways to fool the Monster. For example you can install five traps Arpones: if the monster will come out of them stepped on a harpoon to retain it for a while. However, note that the Monster is controlled by a human being. If you abuse the same technique will eventually recognize.

1. Teamwork

The Monster has fled! The kind of support will follow the trail, invisible, while pointing their prey using indicators. The trapper meanwhile surrounds the perimeter trapping, using indicators to always know where the Monster. Hunter Assault appears as bait to lure the monster into a trap. Now the Medic breaks and soothes the beast to end it. This is just one example of how you can play as a team with other hunters in Evolve!

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